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Many web sites use fancy web forms for contact information between the web site and prospective buyers. Even our site used to have one but we have discovered several things about web forms:

  • They aren't all that safe when it comes to protecting information being passed between two parties.
  • Many people hate filling out lengthy forms online, opting to pickup the phone instead. Many people have more than one question about their cylinder head situation and setting up a form to handle every possible situation is nearly impossible.
  • Forms aren't as timely as a phone call as the recipient would need to have their email software constantly checking for incoming messages.

So what we removed our web form-to-email feature from our web site to protect your information and to make our response to your cylinder head question quicker.

Realizing you have questions about the cylinder head, or cylinder heads, on your vehicle we have decided it would be best or everyone concerned if you just phoned our shop and talk to one of our experienced staff members.

Toll Free: 855-791-0132 | Local: 407-730-9777

Before you call us grab a note pad of some sort and gather the following information before you call. That way you won't have to keep running back and forth during our phone conversation.

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Engine Size

(Note: it is best for you if you have your vehicle registration with you before you call because the VIN, vehicle identification number, allows us to gain a lot of information about your vehicle that even you might not know.)

Examples of questions that we've dealt with over the years:


What is the differences between a "rebuilt cylinder head" and a "remanufactured cylinder head"?


That all depends on where you are getting your cylinder head worked on. To some shops a "rebuilt cylinder head" is nothing more than the installation of a new set of valve seals. By the way, many valve seals can be replaced without removing the heads so be careful when shops tell you otherwise.

Now "remanufactured cylinder heads" are normally produced by specialty shops such as Southeast Cylinder Head. Why? Because we have the proper equipment and the trained personnel necessary to truly "remanufacture" a cylinder head. But a "remanufactured cylinder head" is simply one that has any and all serviceable parts clean, inspected and repaired or replaced. Before any work is done we at Southeast Cylinder head perform a cylinder head pressure test to insure that there are no hidden problems with the cylinder head. We weld and/or repair any structural issues we encounter. Next the valve seats are inspected and replaced when necessary after which all valves seats and valves are given the proper angles when grinding them. Valve springs and camshaft bushings on overhead cam cylinder heads are inspected and replaced when necessary. Finally the surface of the cylinder head is resurfaced to insure your head gaskets have a straight surface to seal against.


Earlier you mentioned that cylinder heads don't always have to be removed in order to replace valve seals. Are there any other cylinder head repairs which can be performed while the cylinder head is still on my vehicle?


There are several others such as the following:

  • Non-overhead cam engines
    • Seals for the valve stems
    • The valve springs.
    • Rocker arms and rocker arm shaft assemblies if applicable.
  • Over-head cam engines include the above and also the following:
    • Camshafts and/or camshaft seals.
    • HLC (hydraulic lash compensators).
    • Cam followers.